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When should you schedule deck or asphalt sealing in the Alexandria, VA area?

All Green Property Maintenance LLC can seal porous surfaces to protect your property for years to come. We offer a wide range of surface covering services, including asphalt and deck sealing, to property owners in Alexandria, VA and surrounding areas.

Contact us for...

  • Asphalt sealing services if your parking lot is cracked
  • Deck sealing services if your outdoor living space looks weather-worn
  • Masonry sealing services if you've noticed water stains on outer walls
We go above and beyond to serve clients in Alexandria, VA and the vicinity. Got questions about our surface covering services? Just ask.

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This page is a good starting point for learning more about our surface covering services, including deck and asphalt sealing. If you'd like a second opinion or want to speak with an expert, don't hesitate to contact us.

Our surface covering services

Sealing services

Asphalt/concrete sealing
Brick/paver patio sealing
Fence/Deck sealing
Masonry/Stone sealing
Interior floors/carpet sealing
We can even seal your siding and windows

Painting services

Interior painting
Exterior painting
Wood/concrete staining
concrete dyeing
Glazing and fine finishes
Paint stripping

Sealing vs Staining


Is the application of a clear, breathable but non-porus coating over a surface to make the surface impervious or water proof. There are different types of sealers for different surfaces. Almost any surface can be sealed by some form of sealer. Some examples of sealers include asphalt seal coats, penetrating sealers, scotchguard, varnish, clear coats etc...


Is the process of revitalizing a dilapidated surface with the application of a translucent color, while preserving it's natural look and texture. In addition to adding color to Surfaces such as wood and concrete, staines or dyes can provide UV protection, and protection against mold and mildew. Most decks and fences can be transformed and protected for years to come by staining,

Our surface covering processes